Saturday, July 23, 2011

The 10 Best New Fragrances for Summer

The beauty expert ALLURE magazine gives us the 10 most hot fragrances for summer 2011..chose your favourite..and at the end you'll see my pick..

REESE WITHERSPOON-LAUGH OFTEN...The soft blend of citrus peels, white and green tea, and pink peony is light and airy—the kind of scent you won't mind wearing on a hot and humid summer day.
BURBERRY SUMMER..Its citrusy mix of orange, mandarin, and green leaf makes for a crisp clean scent that isn't too sweet or girlie.
MAISON MARTIN -UNTITLED..We don't think a fragrance could get any "greener." The lentiscus, galbanum, boxwood, and incense notes make this a crisp grassy scent that dries down to a powdery finish.
EMILIO PUCCI-VERDE 072...Want something a little bit softer? This green scent has a floral base of Turkish rose and neroli bigarade to balance out the sharp note of mint leaf.
 HERMES-UN JARDIN SUR LE TOIT...A fruity fragrance shouldn't smell like it belongs on a 12-year-old. This one combines notes of apple and pear with magnolia for a fresh—not saccharine—scen
MARC JACOBS-CRANBERRY SPLASH...It blends its namesake fruit with red currant for a light but vibrant scent you'll want to wear day or night.
GUERLAIN AQUA-ALLEGORA JASMINORA...Close your eyes and take a whiff. Thanks to the bergamot and white musk that balance out a strong jasmine note, this heady scent makes you feel like you're in a garden by the ocean.
GUCCI-FLORA EAU FRAICHE..An update of the original, it brings together notes of bergamot and kumquat with a base of rose and osmanthus for a playful scent that feels like the perfume equivalent of throwing on a sundress.
ISSEY MIYAKE-L'EAU D'ISSEY..Opting for a marine fragrance inspired by the ocean or water can be almost as refreshing as the real thing. This one has notes of rose and pear water for a crispness that's still feminine.
CK ONE SUMMER..The sea-breeze accord is blended with tangerine and lemon to make you feel like you're sipping a fruity cocktail, seaside.

And MY summer 2011 favourite that i'm currently using is Blue Seduction by Antonio Banderas..
A floral/aquatic as magnetic as the actor antonio banderas who created it, this fresh, contemporary fragrance for women seduces softly with opens with fresh, aquatic notes, violet, raspberry with a base of luscious oriental accords.

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